Solicit advertisements for the 2007 edition of the directory of enterprises and institutions in China's foundry industry

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Solicit advertisements for the 2007 edition of the directory of enterprises and institutions in China's foundry industry

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In recent years, China's foundry industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and is moving forward from a big foundry country to a powerful foundry country. In order to meet the needs of relevant enterprises and individuals at home and abroad for enterprises in the foundry industry and related information, further strengthen mutual understanding and communication between the foundry industry and related industries in China, improve the popularity of foundry enterprises at home and abroad, and enable domestic enterprises to establish more effective contacts with their foreign counterparts, we have decided to compile and publish the directory of enterprises and institutions in the foundry industry in China (hereinafter referred to as the directory 2007 Edition), Public issuance at home and abroad. In order to ensure the accuracy and practicability of the information, we collect the latest enterprise information by directly contacting the enterprise, and compile the information according to the classification provided by the enterprise. The 2007 edition of the directory is now open to the majority of foundry enterprises and institutions to collect and publish information and carry out the work of promoting the enterprise image. I hope all units will give strong support.

1、 Main contents of the directory (2007 Edition)

The directory (2007 Edition) is compiled according to the latest statistical data, with detailed and accurate contents, including enterprise name, address, post code, contact number, fax, website, e-mail, main products, business scope, quality certification and other information. It adopts a familiar search method and is arranged according to provinces, cities and regions, casting methods, casting materials and other classifications. It is convenient and fast to search Large information reference books necessary for technical development, operation and management personnel. This book is printed and published in the internationally used large 16 folio. It is an important carrier and effective way for enterprises to carry out advertising, attract investment, expand influence and expand business. Because this directory is different from the general telephone directory, it is authoritative, special, convenient and practical. Therefore, it is hoped that the information provided by the enterprise should be as detailed and specific as possible to achieve the best publicity effect and generate the largest advertising effect.

2、 Publication description of directory 2007 Edition

The 2007 edition of the directory was published by the China Foundry Association. It is expected to be published by the end of 2007, with a planned circulation of 5000 copies. The 2007 edition of the directory of enterprises and institutions in China's foundry industry is planned to be issued in two ways: market sales and gifts.

1. Marketing: it is mainly sold to enterprises and individuals at home and abroad who need information about the foundry industry through the largest website of the foundry industry, "China Foundry Association Network", the large-scale international exhibitions and conferences held by the association every year.

2. Gifts: the objects of gifts are mainly enterprises and institutions related to the foundry industry and with certain strength, as well as foreign-invested enterprises, foreign embassies in China and foreign enterprises associated with Chinese foundry enterprises.

3、 "Directory" 2007 edition advertisement subscription needs to know

1. The subscriber shall attach copies of business license and other relevant certificates.

2. The contents of the published materials shall be practical and realistic, and the information provider shall bear the responsibility for the adverse consequences caused by improper contents.

3. The subscribing unit shall provide the enterprise profile, name and model of main products, performance description, manufacturer and distributor, main products, enterprise legal person, enterprise image and other color photos.

4、 Catalogue 2007 advertising subscription price list

In order to promote mutual communication, spread information and expand cooperation between domestic and foreign foundry enterprises, the directory is now inviting black and white and color advertisements. It is hoped that domestic and foreign foundry enterprises and institutions will actively publish advertisements, so as to improve the popularity of the unit and promote enterprises to explore domestic and foreign markets.

Due to the limited advertising space in the directory (2007 Edition), we will arrange the advertising space according to the date of receipt of the information. Enterprises wishing to publish advertisements should do so as soon as possible. The book is planned to be published in December 2007, and the deadline for advertising collection is November 30, 2007.

China Foundry Association

January 22, 2007

1. For manufacturers who can design and produce films by themselves, please send four-color films to China Foundry Association;

2. For manufacturers who cannot design and produce films by themselves, please send photos and other materials required for design to China Foundry Association. We will ask professional design companies to design advertisements that satisfy you according to your requirements, but we need to pay an additional plate making fee of 500 yuan / page.

For details, please contact: Li Hongwei, Xue Ruixia, Gao Yan, information consulting department of China Foundry Association

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