Request for proposal on tariff adjustment scheme

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Request for proposal on tariff adjustment scheme

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In order to do a good job in the formulation of the tariff implementation plan in 2008, according to the document [2007] No. 35 of the Tax Commission of the State Council, and in combination with the needs of domestic economic development, import and export trade, industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, energy resources and technology and equipment introduction this year, suggestions on adjusting the tariff rate and tax items in 2008 are put forward and sorted according to the importance of tax items. This work plays a positive and important role in promoting the import and export of various industries and enterprises. Please send your suggestions back to our association in electronic form before August 10, 2007. We will strive to better reflect the interests of the industry in the coordination system (HS code).


1. Proposed list of additional tax items

2. Proposal for adjustment of temporary import and export tax rate

3. Suggestions for adjusting import and export tax rates (attached materials)

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