China Foundry Association will organize a delegation to visit Las Vegas Auto Parts Exhibition

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China Foundry Association will organize a delegation to visit Las Vegas Auto Parts Exhibition

"Las Vegas International Auto Parts Exhibition" is the world's largest auto manufacturing parts exhibition. It is jointly organized by the American Association of automotive industries (Asia), the American Association of automotive and process equipment manufacturers (Mema) and the American Auto Parts Association (APAA). It is supported by the U.S. Department of Commerce and held once a year. The exhibition area is more than 100000 square meters. In 2006, 2069 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, and the number of visitors reached 117800. In 2007, there will be more than 3000 exhibitors, and more than 100 technical seminars will be held during the conference. The exhibition represents the world's first-class automobile and parts product level.

The automobile industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy. According to the planning target of the automobile industry in the national "11th Five Year Plan", by 2010, the demand of China's automobile market will reach 8-9 million, the output of automobiles will be about 10 million, and the level of automobile will reach 40 vehicles / 1000 people. At present, although the production technology of automobile castings in China has made great progress, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. There are relatively few internationally competitive products, and some high demand cylinder blocks and cylinder head castings still need to be imported. This year's Las Vegas International Auto Parts Exhibition will display the world's top level auto parts products and production equipment, and provide relevant services such as technical exchange and business negotiation. It is a good opportunity for Chinese auto parts manufacturers to understand the international market situation, explore the Latin American market, and improve their technological innovation ability and management level. Therefore, we plan to organize a delegation to visit the "Las Vegas International Auto Parts Exhibition" in the United States on October 28, 2007, and stay in the United States for 8 days.

※ inspection contents:

1. Visit "Las Vegas Auto Parts Exhibition";

2. Exchange technical and management experience and expand cooperation with American auto parts casting production peers;

3. To investigate the market situation of automobile castings in the United States and explore the ways to develop overseas markets;

※ inspection time: October 28 - November 4, 2007

※ Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center

※ scope of exhibits: engine and its accessories, wheel hub, brake, chassis, clutch and other casting blanks and finished products of major brands in the world, auto parts production equipment, special tools, repair equipment, coatings, auto electrical appliances, audio, electronic equipment, air conditioning, anti-theft products, auto lamps, auto decorative products, etc.

※ participants: the delegation is organized by the China Foundry Association, and the expenses are shared by all units. It is planned to have 60 people. According to the order of registration, the number of people is full.

※ investigation expense budget (refund for excess and compensation for deficiency):

Registration fee: RMB 2000 / person (member unit); 2500 yuan / person (non member unit);

Other expenses: RMB 22000 / person (including round-trip air tickets, accommodation expenses, food expenses, public and miscellaneous expenses, inter city transportation expenses, association staff sharing expenses and personal allowance);

Total: RMB 24000 / person (member unit); RMB 24500 / person (non member unit)

The above expenses are estimated. The final expenses will be reimbursed according to the actual expenses, and the excess will be refunded and the deficiency will be compensated.

※ registration items:

Registration deadline: July 15, 2007, please fill in the registration form item by item and send the registration fee to the association. After the review and approval of the Commission, we will remit 22000 yuan of the inspection fee to the Commission in early August 2007. Please indicate the inspection fee to the United States.

Account Name: China Foundry Association Bank of deposit: sidaokou branch of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bank

Account No.: 02004930901401304

After registration, if you withdraw from the group for some reason, the registration fee will not be refunded.

※ contact information of the Organizing Committee:

Address: 3rd floor, No. 32, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing Post Code: 100044

Tel: 010-68418899 to 631 Fax: 010-68458356

Mobile phone: 13426219630

Contact: Zhang Yiqing and fan Qi, International Cooperation Department of China Foundry Association

China Foundry Association

April 6, 2007