The 6th International Nonferrous and special casting exhibition in 2007

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The 6th International Nonferrous and special casting exhibition in 2007

Sponsor: China Foundry Association

Organizer: China Foundry Association Beijing Zhongzhu century Exhibition Co., Ltd


Famous nonferrous and special casting exhibition in Asia

——The 6th International Nonferrous and Special Casting Exhibition

Dear friends in the foundry industry at home and abroad

The "international nonferrous and Special Casting Exhibition" sponsored by China Foundry Association has been successfully held for five times. This exhibition is a subdivisional professional event to implement the policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry put forward by the central government and make use of the deep foundational environment of the foundry industry in Shanghai and surrounding areas.

Since 1998, after nearly ten years of cultivation and development, the exhibition has become a famous international non-ferrous and special casting exhibition in Asia. It has a certain influence and status in the casting industry at home and abroad, and has been fully affirmed and highly appraised by relevant national departments.

As the organizer of the exhibition, China Foundry Association has been widely praised by Chinese and foreign enterprises in terms of its authority, international influence, exhibition capacity and experience, exhibition service and international reputation. This is an important guarantee for the success of the "Special Casting Exhibition".

The Sixth International Non Ferrous & special casting 2007 is scheduled to be held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center from September 5 to 7, 2007. As the organizer of the exhibition, China Foundry Association has a professional team with rich experience in the exhibition. We will continue to wholeheartedly create a powerful business platform for domestic and foreign foundry manufacturers, and provide good opportunities for domestic and foreign merchants to show their strength, exchange technical and economic information, and seek cooperation. We believe that on the basis of the successful holding of the previous "Special Casting Exhibition", the scale of this exhibition will increase significantly compared with the previous one.

All staff members of China Foundry Association sincerely invite domestic and foreign foundry enterprises, local professional associations, chambers of Commerce and insiders to participate in this exhibition. We will try our best to provide all necessary convenience and good service for your participation or visit.

Exhibition Department of China Foundry Association

Person in charge: Secretary General Zhang Libo

Contact: Wang Kunyi, Duan Xueyan, Zeng Lingling

Contact information: 010-68418899-662, 668, 665

Fax: 010-68458356

Exhibition contents:

1、 Equipment:

Equipment related to non-ferrous alloy and special casting: investment casting, ceramic mold precision casting, lost foam casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, low-pressure casting, differential pressure casting, vacuum suction casting, squeeze casting, centrifugal casting, continuous or semi continuous casting, shell mold casting, graphite mold casting, electroslag casting and other equipment.

2、 Castings: copper alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and other non-ferrous alloys and castings produced by special casting methods.

3、 Materials: casting raw and auxiliary materials.

4、 Technical trade information:

New materials, new processes and new technologies related to non-ferrous alloys and special casting processes; Scientific and technological achievements, technology transfer, technical consultation and professional technical publications.

Publicity and service:

1、 Designated media of the exhibition:

Special casting and non-ferrous alloys, casting, casting technology, casting equipment and technology, casting today, casting engineering, casting vertical and horizontal, China casting website

2、 Exhibition promotion plan

Through the strong member resources of China Foundry Association, we will carry out publicity and promotion at home and abroad.

Release exhibition information to its member units through professional organizations of foundry industry at all levels.

Publish exhibition advertisements in major professional journals, magazines, newspapers and professional websites at home and abroad, and release exhibition information in real time.

China Foundry Association organized a delegation to participate in major conferences and exhibitions of the International Foundry Industry and carry out promotional activities. Contact overseas influential industry organizations for publicity and audience organization.

Send exhibition materials directly to non-ferrous and special casting enterprises, and send visit tickets to relevant users and enterprises, and invite exhibitors and visitors simultaneously.

The progress of the exhibition will be published on relevant magazines and websites every month.

Regularly publish exhibition newsletter, exhibition guide, pre Exhibition Preview - visit guide and other special issues of the exhibition to timely report the exhibition situation and progress.

Visit tickets and invitations will be sent by mail, Internet, fax, seminars and other ways to invite domestic and foreign merchants.

3、 Exhibition services:

Assist in providing special booth construction services and recommend professional construction companies.

Provide accommodation services for exhibitors during the exhibition period, and recommend hotels nearby.

Provide free exhibition tickets, invitation letters and other materials to exhibitors, and assist exhibitors in inviting their important customers.

Use the Chinese and English websites of China Foundry Association (www.foundry. Com) cn www.foundry-china. and professional exhibition website www.expochina Cn to promote the whole exhibition

4、 Preferential and free items:

All exhibitors who register before December 31, 2006 can enjoy a 15% discount on the booth fee;

All exhibitors will be presented with a copy of "Purchasing Guide for casting materials" compiled and published by the casting materials professional committee of China Foundry Association and Dalian Xinlong Casting Industry Co., Ltd;

For units with a booth area of more than 36 square meters, they will make rolling advertisements and links of the enterprise logo on the special website of the exhibition for free;

Free high-quality casting evaluation activities will be held for casting manufacturers and medals will be awarded;

For all exhibitors: the products and contact information of exhibitors and enterprises will be published on the casting exhibition website and China casting website for free.

Notice to exhibitors

1、 Exhibition procedures:

1. Carefully fill in the application form and fax it to the organizing committee with official seal; Or directly log in to the special website of the exhibition: to register online, download and send back.

Organizer: Exhibition Department of China Foundry Association

Address: China Foundry Association, 3rd floor, No. 32, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100044

Tel: 010-68418899-662, 668, 665; 13910774916;

Fax: 010-68458356

Website: www.expochina cn; 

Contact: Wang Kunyi, Duan Xueyan, Zeng Lingling

2. After the application is confirmed by the organizing committee, the full amount of the exhibition expenses shall be remitted to the account of the organizing committee within ten days. After the money is remitted, please fax the receipt to the Organizing Committee for verification; The payment time relates to the priority of exhibitors to choose their booth.

3. After receiving the exhibitor's exhibition expenses, the organizing committee will mail a series of exhibition materials to the exhibitor, including the exhibition guide and booth map, to assist the exhibitor in completing the transportation of exhibits, booth construction, accommodation and other related matters;

4. Booth Division: the booth will be divided according to the size of exhibitors' exhibition area and the time of registration and payment. If the registration area is the same, the first to register and pay the booth fee will be the first to choose the booth.

5. The exhibitors shall pay the corresponding booth fee immediately after the formal registration. After the organizer receives the booth fee, it means that the registration of the exhibitors is officially effective. The booth fee invoice will then be sent by express. The booth fee and the advertising fee of the conference catalogue shall be remitted to the following account:

Bank: sidaokou Banking Office of industrial and Commercial Bank of Beijing

Account opening: China Foundry Association

Account No.: 02004930901401304 (the remittance NOTE indicates: booth fee or advertising fee)

2、 Precautions for exhibition:

1. In principle, two units are not allowed to rent one booth together; 50% booth fee will be charged for sharing.

2. If you leave the exhibition one month before the exhibition, the booth fee will not be refunded;

3. Exhibitors must declare their exhibits according to the scope of the exhibition. If the exhibits are inconsistent with the declared exhibits, the organizing committee has the right to cancel their participation qualification, and the fees paid will not be refunded;

4. The organizing committee will reserve the right to adjust the final booth.

Contact information of Exhibition Department of China Foundry Association:

Address: China Foundry Association, 3rd floor, No. 32, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100044

Tel: 010-68418899-662, 668, 665;

Fax: 010-68458356

Website: www.expochina cn; 

Contact: Wang Kunyi, Duan Xueyan, Zeng Lingling