How to realize zero growth of chemical fertilizer and pesticide

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How to realize zero growth of chemical fertilizer and pesticide


How to achieve zero growth of fertilizer and pesticide? How to increase the supply of green and high-quality agricultural products from the production side so as to promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side? In the recent face-to-face activity of experts and media with the theme of "focusing on zero growth of fertilizers and pesticides to promote agricultural supply side reform", Mao Jianhua, former director of Tianjin Institute of resources and environment, Zhao Jianming, deputy director of Shanxi soil and Fertilizer Workstation, Gao Peifang, executive director of entrepreneurship College of Shanxi Agricultural University Xi Wenbo, general manager of Tianjin new Aige agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other experts, together with nearly 20 media such as China Science News, jointly discussed how to achieve zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and further promote agricultural supply side reform from the perspective of policy interpretation, technical means and promotion and application.

"The theme of this year's No. 1 central document is to further promote the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, and the reform of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is an important content. How to promote the implementation of policies in actual work?" The answer given by Zhao Jianming is to reduce the use of fertilizer and improve the utilization efficiency of fertilizer on the basis of ensuring the national food security and the supply of agricultural products. He said that healthy soil is the basic condition for producing safe food. Therefore, it is necessary to treat polluted soil to improve soil quality, introduce policies to promote the substitution of organic fertilizers for chemical fertilizers, and promote standardized agricultural production. When talking about how our province can achieve the goal of zero growth in fertilizer use by 2020, he pointed out that the farmers' concept of fertilizing in production needs to be changed. We should encourage farmers to use organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer, carry out soil testing formula, guide farmers to apply fertilizer scientifically, standardize production and mechanized production, and solve the problem of "the last kilometer" of zero growth in fertilizer and pesticide from the source. At present, agricultural enterprises have insufficient power to "lose weight". Enterprises should innovate in products and upgrade technology, and actively cooperate with the implementation of national policies. The government should strengthen demonstration, intensify publicity, establish demonstration areas, and promote promotion through demonstration, publicity, training and other measures.

Mao Jianhua explained his views based on the development history of agricultural fertilizers in China and the problems of soil and agricultural products caused by the excessive use of imported fertilizers. He pointed out that China is a large country with traditional organic agriculture. The chemical fertilizer imported in the middle of the last century won the favor of Chinese farmers with immediate effects, and China's agriculture opened the era of chemical fertilizer. At present, China has become a large country in the production and use of chemical fertilizers. The excessive use of chemical fertilizer has brought serious soil environmental problems and ecological problems, and caused food safety problems. He believed that to ensure food safety, first of all, it is necessary to ensure soil health. In agricultural production, chemical fertilizers should be used in a scientific and rational way, organic and inorganic fertilizers should be combined, soil testing and fertilization should be carried out, targeted fertilization should be carried out, and new biological fertilizers should be used.

How to use fertilizer and pesticide scientifically? Gao Peifang said that although the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has increased crop yields, it has also damaged the balance of soil nutrients, causing land hardening and reducing the quality of agricultural products. Changing the mode of agricultural production, especially the use of chemical fertilizers, has become an urgent problem. He also said that in order to lead and drive the transformation of agricultural production mode, the entrepreneurial team of university students planted strawberries, red dates, etc. on the land with severe soil hardening, and proved that applying organic fertilizer can improve the quality of crop production and restore the inherent quality of agricultural products. It is hoped that through the scientific demonstration of the use of pesticides and organic fertilizers, farmers can be guided to change their production methods, solve problems such as improving the quality of agricultural products, and help farmers increase production and income.